AZTech Committees

The AZTech Executive Committee comprises of public and private agency leaders representing transportation, emergency management, public safety, and public information interests. Co-chairing the committee are the Deputy State Engineer of the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) and the Director of Maricopa County Department of Transportation (MCDOT).

In exercising its leadership role, the Committee adopts policy guidelines for AZTech Committees and staff, seeks to develop constituencies to help promote AZTech to the public, and serves as a forum to highlight discussions on ITS research, new technology, and operational issues.

Executive Committee Co-chairs

Jennifer Toth, P.E., Director/County Engineer, Maricopa County Department of Transportation

Dallas Hammit, P.E., Deputy Director for Transportation/State Engineer, Arizona Department of Transportation

Committee Charter

The AZTech Strategic Steering Committee (ASSC) was chartered in 2015 and serves as the liaison between the AZTech Executive Committee and all other AZTech committees and working groups. The ASSC is comprised of public agency Intelligent Transportation Systems leaders representing transportation and public safety interests. In exercising a strategic operations implementation role, the Committee was originally formed as a strategy task force to facilitate the realization of the strategic priorities identified in the 2009 Arizona Operations Action Plan for the Phoenix metropolitan area. AZTech is placing more emphasis on Transportation Systems Management and Operations (TSM&O) initiatives requiring a committee to facilitate consistent development and implementation of TSM&O strategies in the region by collaboration among AZTech public partner agencies.

Strategic Steering Committee Chairs

Chair: Bruce Littleton, Traffic Engineering Supervisor (Traffic Signals/ITS, City of Phoenix Street Transportation Department)

Vice Chair: Dana Owsiany, PE, Traffic Engineering Manager (Public Works Department, City of Surprise)

Committee Charter

Traffic management specialists from the public agency members of AZTech meet monthly to ensure that policies adopted by the AZTech Executive Committee are carried out in their member agencies.

This group coordinates and seeks to attain consensus on traffic operations and management issues that span agency boundaries such as cross-jurisdictional signal timing, emergency response activities, and the funding, installation, operation, and maintenance of ITS equipment for regional benefit.

AZTech Operations Committee Chair

David Lucas, Civil Engineer, City of Tempe

A multi-disciplinary partnership established in 2010 that includes state and local police, fire, EMS, towing companies, transportation agencies and metropolitan planning organizations. The committee shares ideas, knowledge, lessons learned and best practices resulting in safer and more efficient management of incidents occurring on, or significantly impacting, the region's roadways.

Traffic Incident Management Committee Chair

Sergeant John Paul Cartier, Arizona State Troopers, Highway Patrol Division Staff

The AZTech TMC Operators Working Group is a coordinating group of traffic management center operators representing transportation, public safety, and public information interests. The purpose of the group is to improve the working relationships among local Traffic Management Centers (TMC) in Maricopa County by taking tours of each facility, obtaining a better understanding of the capabilities of each center, and becoming familiar with the procedures, equipment capabilities, locations and hours of operation of each center to enhance traffic management regionally

TMC Operators Working Group Co-Chairs

Simon Ramos, Intelligent Transportation Systems Engineer, Traffic Operations Center, Arizona Department of Transportation

Barbara Hauser, TMC Coordinator, Maricopa County Department of Transportation